Static Web Design & Development Company

In this modern era, where almost everything is available through internet search engines, we consider it important to have a complete & wide representation on the web.
A static website design consists of a number of pages where each page contains the fixed layout and fixed information.


We focus on the all types of designs according to the user’s requirements but also make the simple designs without complex programming to make the website static,
appealing & creative as well. As the website will be static , it allows the business to explain their goals. We aim at static website designing services to present
you with an online presence.

Zinavo has the professionals who can perform their duties in any kind of web design whether static and dynamic based on user’s requirements as they are experienced
by handling a number of static website design projects.

A static site contains Web pages with settled substance. Every page is coded in HTML and presentations a similar data to each guest. Static locales are the most essential kind of site and are the simplest to make. Through static site people or independent company houses can put straightforward data with respect to their organization and items in basic way and requiring little to no effort. This sort of site is extremely valuable for growing business sector of organization with its data and appearance on Internet.

  • Simple to create and host.
  • No maintenance cost.
  • Quick to design.
  • Easy to optimize.
  • Cost for a static website designing is very low.
  • Can be very informative as have direct control over content.
  • Changes can be made with little HTML coding knowledge.
  • Professional looking website with interactive and interesting graphics.

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