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Zinavo Technologies offering the best online shopping website creation services. Our major services are ecommerce web design, development and ecommerce SEO services. Our team of developers have successfully finished more than 500 custom ecommerce websites and great ecommerce solutions for all size of companies as well as having 1000+ customers.

We are at best Website Designing Company Bangalore and using Magento Content Management System technology for create a ecommerce websites and that should having the attractive looking,SEO friendly, user friendly,more secure and proper functionality. Zinavo having the experienced and skilled team of designers and developers to deliver top quality e-commerce sites on perfect time and on your budget. Magento having more features and aspects a great flexibility for developing and maintaining ecommerce websites. We have also the customization of your ecommerce websites for every online business.

Why Zinavo?

  • Professional and unique Design.
  • Unique Retailer User Interface.
  • Robust Ecommerce Platform.
  • Affordable Price.
  • We Make it Simple.
  • Good Support at anytime.

Whether you have more products with many different categories of different items, let the experienced team of our Website Design Company guide you the things of adding,modifying,deleting the products and make a successful e-store implementation. We have a separate designing team to utilizing your site in responsive web design format for desktop, mobile and tablet screen sizes.. People can easy to use admin control panel which includes the tools you need to update any changes in your website through a web browser.

If you are looking for start a fresh ecommerce website with payment gateway integration option and secure credit card acceptance for your existing website just make a call or email to our following details.

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HTML5 and CSS3 Website Development Company – Zinavo Technologies

Zinavo Technologies very well specialized in create the website by using HTML5 technology, with robust features such as streaming text,images,document,video and audio, support for multimedia graphic, animations, offline cache, 3D animated website banners, geo-location, and much more. Our Dedicated Website Developers Bangalore having the great quality skills to engrave your website. By creating your website with HTML 5 version your customers can able to find your exact location and directions find product details and information through search form etc.

HTML5 is the latest version in mobile website development and mobile application development platform. It is developer friendly for building web pages and user friendly for viewing and managing the website.


Benefits of Hiring Zinavo Technologies in HTML 5 Development:

  • We build your dream website that can be easily modified, understood and used for website designing and development.
  • We provides enhanced adaptability of designing web pages with rich UI/UX for your website.
  • You could ability to use CSS3 to help diminish app size and improve quality and performance on all kind of device’s screen size.
  • No need to technical skills for add links to the web pages that should help to improving user experience by allowing visitors to browse most applicable details.
  • User can present their documents on any operating systems such as Linux, Windows or Mac.
  • Our Team of Website Developers are expertise in creating HTML5 website development and applications development for for iPhone, windows and Android mobiles.
  • Clients has working with experts at highly affordable price
  • We concentrate on quick project turnaround with very less compromise on quality of project

At best Website Design Company Bangalore,We can upgrade your website in next level, using the latest technology like CSS3 ,HTML5, jQuery, Ajax. We also use Bootstrap and HTML Boilerplate framework. We have a separate Web Developers team for make the responsive desive format to your website that can be viewed on Tablets,I phones,Smart phones,desktop without changing the look or feel of the website.

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Main Types of Digital Media Marketing

Digital Media Marketing means promote the business services,products and improve the branding by using different promotional techniques through promotional medium such as internet, mobile, traditional TV channels, radio channels, Social Media networks, SMS and Email to reach more amount of people. People could easily know our products and business details with the help of digital marketing promotions.Digital Marketing is also called as internet marketing.

Types of Digital Media Marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing(SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is the aim of improving the number of visitors and traffic to a particular website by implementing the manual actions in ON page factors and OFF page factors for placing the website on top place of search engine. Search engine optimization plays an immense role in digital marketing promotions. Because many people using the search engine to get the information and best service providers. If our website having the top place on search engine,we could get the target customers as well as more leads and business.

Search Engine Marketing:

Search Engine Marketing means promote the website by making more visibility in SERP(Search Engine Result Page) through advertising as PPC (Pay Per Click)listings. If your website does not getting good amount of traffic,you can create the text ad for your website by paying money to Google Adwords and you could display your ad on inorganic search result of search engine. But the position of your ad display is depending upon the amount of cost.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing has been a great ambassador to the cause of digital marketing. Most of people having more interaction in leading social networks such as Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus etc. You can gaining more traffic or attention through the social media networks. Customers can easily interact with company and they can communicate with the customers directly. You have the rights to share the any kind of formats such as content, videos, and images related to your business.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is the process of promote our business and offers to the consumers through electronic mail.Some companies and organizations having bulk email list to reach or inform the our business services to the customers.

Content Marketing:

Content Marketing means describing your business and product details briefly to your online visitors and customers in the format of good quality content.People could easily understand our business prospective. Creating the content is not good for this strategy.We should implement the effective ways to promote our content to reach more amount of people.Many Website Designing Company Bangalore giving the more preference to the above marketing strategies for improve the visibility to their website and they could get more business.

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Actual Types of Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) is a system application that helps to adding,editing,modifying,publishing and deleting the content on the website as per your wish. There are two elements are available in CMS named Content Management Application (CMA) and Content Delivery Application (CDA). Content Management Application allows the people or admin who does not have the technical knowledge in HTML to easily update and manage the content with out any experience. Content Delivery Application allows and compiles that information to update the Website.

Types of Content Management Systems :

*Web CMS
*Enterprise CMS
*Mobile CMS
*Component CMS

Admin can easily edit and publish the content on website by a programming coding of Web Content Management System. Joomla,Wordpress,Drupal Magento are example for web Content Management System. These are the open source CMS and mostly Website Design Company Bangalore are suggesting these above Web CMS to create the website for the purpose of regular basis content update. Normal static, dynamic and online shopping websites are developing by these technologies.

Enterprise CMS :

Enterprise Content Management System allows to every people who having the admin access in the company to manage and review the files documents, templates, media, and other information assets.Professional companies are using these Enterprise CMS to indexing,tracking,scanning the company information.

Mobile CMS:

Mobile Content Management System allows to manage the content for smart phones, Iphones and all kind of android phones.The main purpose of creating this CMS for Business to Customer (B2C) but also expanded to Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Employee (B2E).

Component CMS :

A software program and database of component CMS allows you store, manage and edit topic level content. We can manage the thousands and millions of components with the help of these CMS. That components may be includes videos, photos, set of links, a single word or even a complete paragraph or essay of text. All of these things are used and re-used when making a document within this section.

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